Nuzuka is the most powerful Website Lead capturing and nurturing system.

100% Spam Proof

Grab Interest of Visitors

Optimistic Call to Action

Identify Lead Source Easily

Manage Each Leads Objectively

Increase Sales up to 90%

 Transform the Clumsy Contact form

The Common way of Itemised:
Lead Form

Nuzuka Lead Widget |

The Nuzuka way of Itemised:
Lead Widget

Nuzuka Lead Generation Widget |

The Common way of General:
Enquiry Form

Contact form |

The Nuzuka way of General:
Enquiry Widget

Nuzuka Enquiry Form Widget |

Quick Feature Highlights

Enquiry Relevancy

Map customer requirement to your service

Nuzuka captures customer requirement to an exact service you offer. Customer intention is the key to effective serviceability and nuzuka handles it perfectly. Generate enquiry directly to a service or get the enquiry and then map it later in the CRM both way works.

Lead CRM

No more excel for managing leads and enquiries.

Every lead or enquiry is managed by a flow with different stages. Pre sales teams can work and update on the leads share messages and keep track of the whole cycle with the customer in loop during the time. Lead transparency and conversion is guarenteed.

Visitor Analysis

Track every visit to your site and page

Nuzuka contains a powerful Site Manager. It keeps track of visitors their page visits and enquiry clicks. You can say exactly who visited what service and who was interested to go forward with the service. Nuzuka site tracker knows whether the visit was from a traffic provider like google / facebook / direct.

Customer Interaction

A Nuzuka lead creates a enquiry number

The customer now receives an enquiry submission number and every update your team would want to push on to the customer is referenced by that number. Now the customer update is not lost in excels / voice systems. It is logged with timeline so that your team can monitor and act accordingly.

Customer and Visitor CRM

Keep track of every customer who sends you an enquiry

Nuzuka keeps records of every customer who has interacted with you or has an intention of interacting with your business. You will always know a returning customer from a new customer, his previous enquiries and services, visit patterns everything before the next interaction. 

WordPress Integration

Nearly 70% of the websites run on wordpress

If you have a wordpress site. Nuzuka offers a plugin to directly integrate and track your site pages. Now you can push content directly to your site with a button click without fear of breaking the view. If you do not then you may need to do it manually.

Inventory Management

Lead is mapped to your inventory

Nuzuka contains a powerful inventory management system which can work as a source of your lead content. Now you can know which item of yours customers are more interested in and least interested in. Now your enquiry display can adapt to change in your business models.

Business Growth

Every lead and enquiry is important for growth

Every customer is important for business. Making sure that the customer is happy lays the foundation of your sales growth. Nuzuka makes sure that you never miss any leads and lays the foundation for customer serviceability.

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