Data protection and software development terms of policy highlights.

Who controls the user registration?

The user registration via email authentication is controlled by the user only and cannot be tracked by any tool, bot or computer programme.

Where is the data stored?

The information shared by the visitor or registered user is stored in a secured cloud storage server bound by Indian Government data storage policies.

Is the login information is accessible or modified by the programmer?

The software programmer can only view the first layer of login information. Modification rights are exclusive to the registered user and cannot be modified by the programmer manually.

Does Nuzuka controls my sign-in information?

No, your sign-in information is be controlled within the browser only, if you do not wish to store the sign-in information then kindly use the logout button available at the top of the widget.

Who will be liable for data sharing/protection?

Nuzuka app/software will not take any blame for data protection issues if the user shares the same information with any third party users via other channels/mediums.

Is the software controls the website cookies or tags?

The analysis of data shown in the dashboard is collected through the widget hits only, it doesn\\’t store any cookies or tags on the site.

Who controls the sign-in authentication?

The user registration /authentication is bound by the terms of the privacy policy through sign-in.

Does the data stored in the app/software/tool is protected?

The app/software will never share/sell any site/user information shared by the visitor, the user or registered user.

About the data protection terms of privacy?

Nuzuka app/software follows full guidelines of data protection terms of the privacy policy.

Why Nuzuka?

Nuzuka app/software is developed to serve the business community and to support their business growth.

Is the software currently under production or development?

The app/software is currently in production but the development will continue till customer satisfaction.

When can I stop continuing to use the software?

You can stop continuing to use the software whenever you want. Closing an account needs a support ticket to be created and we will use the necessary for you in two business days